Backing up your Facts

Backing up your Facts

In my previous post “The Key to Blowing up your Biz” I talked about mindset, and how important it is.  I also referred to the fact that social media is very important these days.

One thing that I didn’t mention is that you should always back up what you say with facts.  Anyone who’s read Grant Cardone’s famous book – Sell or Be Sold knows that he does information selling.sell or be sold

He doesn’t want you to shop around so instead of hammering his competitors out he simply gives you all of their information.  This sales tactic is very similar to Progressive’s in which you can see their rates, and the rates of many different auto insurance companies.

In Sales Lying is OK

Whoa…  “I was never taught to deceive”

I’m not talking about you!  I’m talking about them, your customer.  Your customer has been conditioned through sleazy sales people that lying is completely OK.

You need to establish trust, and through trust you can then develop a relationship needed to close the sale.

You can trust me… doesn’t work!

What does work is backing up everything you say with actual facts.  For example if your looking for Connecticut Reviews you’re going to want to go to a private site instead of Facebook or Google.  Those reviews can easily be manipulated.

If you click the link above you’ll be brought to The Danbury Review which is an excellent place to get a quality review.  It is a local newspaper!  Having a great review on there is an easy way to back up your reputation.

Getting Ahead of the Wave

The Key to Blowing up your Biz

mindsetGetting on the wave is what 99% of businesses do, but hardly do businesses pick up on a social media trend before the rest of the world hops on.  Image being one of the early adopters of google pay per click advertising?

Gary Vee in his book “Ask Gary V” talks about how strong the ROI was for Google’s PPC advertising when it first came out.  He also talks about how strong the ROI is right now on things like facebook advertising, instagram advertising, and your time spent ROI learning to use social platforms like snapchat.

The problem is with so many different new social media platforms coming out everyday that there is sometimes a real loss suffered when you’re an early adopter of something that doesn’t take off.  The mind set of an early adopter is key.

How is the Mindset Key?

To give you a quick example of how the mindset is so key.  Dentistry is a very competitive industry in most towns, and many of those dentists would much rather dominate than compete.  I’m sure you’ve read any GC books, you can see where that line came from.

One of the best examples is the TMJ Specialization.  TMJ is a serious degenerative disease that influences the overall functioning of the temporomandibular joint located in the jaw.  When you teeth are worn down they are unable to relax at night, and there for start grinding with makes the process even worse.  However, since your teeth can’t truly relax at night your jaw muscle start to fatigue, and grow to interfere with the finer things in life such as chewing, and eating!

The newest TMJ Treatment is a $40,000 investment.  In CT (Connecticut) there is only one TMJ Specialist, and because he was one the early adopters he’s truly dominating the whole 4.6 million population in the constitution state.

How Much is Too Much Social Media?

How Much is Too Much Social Media?

I was recently asked this question, and I immediately thought to myself…  There is never too much social media!  One of the biggest sales Gurus in the world is a man by the name of Grant Cardone.  Grant Cardone literally the King of Sales.

king of salesGrant as a cult like following.  People love “GC” for his straight forward, no bullshit attitude, and his sales course are
absolute gold.

Grant says that if you boost your social media outreach you’ll get more haters, and more people that unsubscribe, but you’ll get a ton more fans.  He tweets twice an hour, 24 hours a day, and has been tweeting this much for years.

Social Media is the Key in 2016

As I talked about in my last post about social medial; social media is the key to a powerful business in 2016.  Everyone uses social media, and you need solid reviews from different outlets in order to keep up in this marketplace.

I didn’t get my garage full of fancy cars without going for it.  It’s hard to put stuff about yourself out there on social media, but as GC always says “if it ain’t making you uncomfortable than it ain’t working.”

Get uncomfortable with putting yourself out there on social media, because honestly that uncomfortable feeling is a good sign you’re doing something right.

Social Media Made Easy

Making Social Media Easy

Social Media is the key to every business in since 2010 with the advent of the internet.  Without a website, Facebook, Twitter, and  Youtube your online image is very extinct.  You must realize that in social media the amount of constant action you are taking far outweighs the quality of what you’re putting out.  As I pointed out in my previous post about Assets & Liabilities, you want to be constantly increasing your cash-flow rather than decreasing it.

Youtube is one of my favorite ways to get my point across to an audience without costing money.  Check out this video I found on the web while searching for a carpet cleaner.

Basic Videos on Youtube

After watching that video, it is easy to tell that the business owner literally recorded himself going over his website.  That’s it – a two minute recording about how awesome his website is, and what cleaning services he offers.

That video is sitting on the first page of google when you type in his niche + city.  How easy is that?  It’s extremely easy to make a video like that, and include a decent description like he did.   Everyone should be making these videos and promoting their business.

Never Pay for Social Media Help

Seriously, you should never pay for social media help for a couple reasons:

  • It’ll eat away at your cash-flow
  • Social media is such an easy tool to use
  • You’re social media should be about you
  • Professional writers sound like robots

Do you want to sound like a Robot?  Of course you don’t want to sound like a robot, and your audience doesn’t want to hear you talk like one.  Your perspective customers want to hear from you, and learn about you.  Social media is a very easy way for everyone to get a chance to learn about you.

The top reason that you should never pay for social media help is that business is all about relationships.  When the relationship that you’re creating isn’t your own then it’ll hamper your ability to connect with your client.

Resolution – Listen to Gary Vee Less

Stop listening to the ask Gary Vee show, and start doing things yourself.  Post a YouTube video like the one I showed you above.  Post a few things on Facebook, and you’ll be surprised with how great of a response you get.  Remember it doesn’t need to be perfect, but rather it just needs to come through you.

Take action, and build the life you’ve been just dreaming about!

Business Ventures

Business Ventures

All Business Ventures are helpful to achieve your first successful business.  At first you can get really down on yourself when you hire your first employee, and they quit.  Your first business will always be rocky, but as GC says “anything can be accomplished with the right action over a period of time with persistence.”

In my post Assets vs Liabilities I gave you examples of my personal cash flow chart.  I’m sure you noticed that in the second chart my earned income started to raise.  It went from $79 to $621, and my business netted my first $50.  I’m sure your wondering exactly what was happening there.

Business Ventures

My Business Experience

My business experience was very interesting – looking back on it.  In a mere 6 months since I started my Tree Service company I had grown from making 2,000 each month to close to 5,000 each month.  Tree Service Danbury started to grow, and so did my cash flow.  We were a much smaller business, and of which I ended up selling after a couple months.  In hindsight I think I should have kept it, because the owner after me made it into a huge success.

I learned a lot with my Tree Service, and my second business was extremely successful.  We’ll talk about that in later posts.  I want you to examine the inner workings of my first business.  I can tell you that I knew nothing about Trees, but that didn’t matter.  What mattered was that I knew a ton about business.

Business Simplified

Business isn’t that simple, but it can be simplified.  One term that I’d you to get used to using is the term arbitrage.  Arbitrage is defined as the simultaneous buying and selling of assets.  That’s basically what I did when I started my first business.  I found people who wanted their trees cut down, and hired people to do it while taking a little off the top.

I didn’t want to become an expert in tree removal, but rather an expert it making money with OPT & OPM.  Both OPT & OPM are two really important terms to understand.

  1. OPT stands for Other People’s Time.
  2. OPM stands for Other People’s Money.

When you can start taking advantage of those two factors in order to make money for yourself, than you’ll be in the mix to make some Continue reading Business Ventures

Assets VS Liabilities

Assets VS Liabilities

Robert Kiyosaki the author the one of the one of the New York Times Best Sellers which was entitled ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ was often criticized for this belief that your house is a liability.

He stated – “your house is a liability because it doesn’t generate income for you.”  Robert adds “All your house does is make you spend money, on repairs, your mortgage, taxes etc.”

We are not debating if owning a house is better than renting?  No – but we bet you wouldn’t like Grant Cardone’s take on it.  GC is another big real estate mogul who says that owning on a home is a trap.

GC says “Owning a home is a trap because it limits your mobility.  In this day & age we need to be able to move in & out of different places to survive.”  Grant further states that you should:

Rent where you live, own where you rent

In a nutshell you should rent your home where you live, and own rental properties where you can rent them out.

Assets produce Income

As hinted in our previous post ‘to define success‘ assets are by definition income producing properties.  I agree with Robert Kiyosaki in that your house is a not an asset.  Rather your house is a liability because it costs you money.   Continue reading Assets VS Liabilities

Define Success

To Achieve, First Define

To achieve, you must first define.  In this case we are referring to success.  In Wikipedia success is defined as:


  • Attainment of higher social status
  • Achievement of a goal such as academic success
  • The opposite of failure (that stings!)


We define success similarly. Success to us is our duty, obligation, and need as a human being.  Success is the driver behind anything great.  Success to your life because it brings more than just security.  It brings fame, honor, and religion to lives.



Religion is the most powerful substance besides success.  Faith itself cannot be questioned.  The power that lies behind faith is unshakable.  We all know that praying won’t bring you any closer to success.  Channeling that faith into your mindset as we’ll be talking about in later posts is essential to delivering you from failure into the arms of success.


Failure has such a heavy spell on those it infects.  After failing, people often stop trying.  Failure is part of the process; in fact it is the most essential part of the process.  Failure is good because it limits the amount of success that is available.  If getting a Benz was a piece of cake then we definitely wouldn’t feature it in our cars post.


Achievement is the most important part of success.  The achievement that we’re talking about is residual income.  True success is only gained when you can take the income produced by your assets and pay for all your liabilities + a Mercedes Benz.


Assets are defined as anything that makes you money.  You may have heard this line from Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor dad, a New York Times best seller.

Your home is not an asset, it is a liability

You know why that is?  Because your home doesn’t create you money.  Your home costs you money to maintain, repair and keep.  We agree with the fact that owning a home and putting $$ Continue reading Define Success

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