Define Success

To Achieve, First Define

To achieve, you must first define.  In this case we are referring to success.  In Wikipedia success is defined as:


  • Attainment of higher social status
  • Achievement of a goal such as academic success
  • The opposite of failure (that stings!)


We define success similarly. Success to us is our duty, obligation, and need as a human being.  Success is the driver behind anything great.  Success to your life because it brings more than just security.  It brings fame, honor, and religion to lives.



Religion is the most powerful substance besides success.  Faith itself cannot be questioned.  The power that lies behind faith is unshakable.  We all know that praying won’t bring you any closer to success.  Channeling that faith into your mindset as we’ll be talking about in later posts is essential to delivering you from failure into the arms of success.


Failure has such a heavy spell on those it infects.  After failing, people often stop trying.  Failure is part of the process; in fact it is the most essential part of the process.  Failure is good because it limits the amount of success that is available.  If getting a Benz was a piece of cake then we definitely wouldn’t feature it in our cars post.


Achievement is the most important part of success.  The achievement that we’re talking about is residual income.  True success is only gained when you can take the income produced by your assets and pay for all your liabilities + a Mercedes Benz.


Assets are defined as anything that makes you money.  You may have heard this line from Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad Poor dad, a New York Times best seller.

Your home is not an asset, it is a liability

You know why that is?  Because your home doesn’t create you money.  Your home costs you money to maintain, repair and keep.  We agree with the fact that owning a home and putting $$ towards your mortgage instead of someone else’s pocket is very important.  We’re not arguing against that.  We’re just not counting your home as an asset, because it is not.


Liabilities are things that cost you money.  People often believe that they are getting successful when they are making money.  I’m sure you’ve heard this line from many people.

I’m making six figures, now I can call myself a success

Eric’s father makes six figures, but doesn’t have time.  Time is a huge part of success, and the lack there of is a sign of failure.  Six figures is a lot of money, but its what you do with those 6 figures that defines your success.  The “successful” often need to work to keep up with their lifestyle.


True success is being able to keep up with your lifestyle without keep working.


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