Social Media Made Easy

Making Social Media Easy

Social Media is the key to every business in since 2010 with the advent of the internet.  Without a website, Facebook, Twitter, and  Youtube your online image is very extinct.  You must realize that in social media the amount of constant action you are taking far outweighs the quality of what you’re putting out.  As I pointed out in my previous post about Assets & Liabilities, you want to be constantly increasing your cash-flow rather than decreasing it.

Youtube is one of my favorite ways to get my point across to an audience without costing money.  Check out this video I found on the web while searching for a carpet cleaner.

Basic Videos on Youtube

After watching that video, it is easy to tell that the business owner literally recorded himself going over his website.  That’s it – a two minute recording about how awesome his website is, and what cleaning services he offers.

That video is sitting on the first page of google when you type in his niche + city.  How easy is that?  It’s extremely easy to make a video like that, and include a decent description like he did.   Everyone should be making these videos and promoting their business.

Never Pay for Social Media Help

Seriously, you should never pay for social media help for a couple reasons:

  • It’ll eat away at your cash-flow
  • Social media is such an easy tool to use
  • You’re social media should be about you
  • Professional writers sound like robots

Do you want to sound like a Robot?  Of course you don’t want to sound like a robot, and your audience doesn’t want to hear you talk like one.  Your perspective customers want to hear from you, and learn about you.  Social media is a very easy way for everyone to get a chance to learn about you.

The top reason that you should never pay for social media help is that business is all about relationships.  When the relationship that you’re creating isn’t your own then it’ll hamper your ability to connect with your client.

Resolution – Listen to Gary Vee Less

Stop listening to the ask Gary Vee show, and start doing things yourself.  Post a YouTube video like the one I showed you above.  Post a few things on Facebook, and you’ll be surprised with how great of a response you get.  Remember it doesn’t need to be perfect, but rather it just needs to come through you.

Take action, and build the life you’ve been just dreaming about!

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