How Much is Too Much Social Media?

How Much is Too Much Social Media?

I was recently asked this question, and I immediately thought to myself…  There is never too much social media!  One of the biggest sales Gurus in the world is a man by the name of Grant Cardone.  Grant Cardone literally the King of Sales.

king of salesGrant as a cult like following.  People love “GC” for his straight forward, no bullshit attitude, and his sales course are
absolute gold.

Grant says that if you boost your social media outreach you’ll get more haters, and more people that unsubscribe, but you’ll get a ton more fans.  He tweets twice an hour, 24 hours a day, and has been tweeting this much for years.

Social Media is the Key in 2016

As I talked about in my last post about social medial; social media is the key to a powerful business in 2016.  Everyone uses social media, and you need solid reviews from different outlets in order to keep up in this marketplace.

I didn’t get my garage full of fancy cars without going for it.  It’s hard to put stuff about yourself out there on social media, but as GC always says “if it ain’t making you uncomfortable than it ain’t working.”

Get uncomfortable with putting yourself out there on social media, because honestly that uncomfortable feeling is a good sign you’re doing something right.

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