Getting Ahead of the Wave

The Key to Blowing up your Biz

mindsetGetting on the wave is what 99% of businesses do, but hardly do businesses pick up on a social media trend before the rest of the world hops on.  Image being one of the early adopters of google pay per click advertising?

Gary Vee in his book “Ask Gary V” talks about how strong the ROI was for Google’s PPC advertising when it first came out.  He also talks about how strong the ROI is right now on things like facebook advertising, instagram advertising, and your time spent ROI learning to use social platforms like snapchat.

The problem is with so many different new social media platforms coming out everyday that there is sometimes a real loss suffered when you’re an early adopter of something that doesn’t take off.  The mind set of an early adopter is key.

How is the Mindset Key?

To give you a quick example of how the mindset is so key.  Dentistry is a very competitive industry in most towns, and many of those dentists would much rather dominate than compete.  I’m sure you’ve read any GC books, you can see where that line came from.

One of the best examples is the TMJ Specialization.  TMJ is a serious degenerative disease that influences the overall functioning of the temporomandibular joint located in the jaw.  When you teeth are worn down they are unable to relax at night, and there for start grinding with makes the process even worse.  However, since your teeth can’t truly relax at night your jaw muscle start to fatigue, and grow to interfere with the finer things in life such as chewing, and eating!

The newest TMJ Treatment is a $40,000 investment.  In CT (Connecticut) there is only one TMJ Specialist, and because he was one the early adopters he’s truly dominating the whole 4.6 million population in the constitution state.

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