Backing up your Facts

Backing up your Facts

In my previous post “The Key to Blowing up your Biz” I talked about mindset, and how important it is.  I also referred to the fact that social media is very important these days.

One thing that I didn’t mention is that you should always back up what you say with facts.  Anyone who’s read Grant Cardone’s famous book – Sell or Be Sold knows that he does information selling.sell or be sold

He doesn’t want you to shop around so instead of hammering his competitors out he simply gives you all of their information.  This sales tactic is very similar to Progressive’s in which you can see their rates, and the rates of many different auto insurance companies.

In Sales Lying is OK

Whoa…  “I was never taught to deceive”

I’m not talking about you!  I’m talking about them, your customer.  Your customer has been conditioned through sleazy sales people that lying is completely OK.

You need to establish trust, and through trust you can then develop a relationship needed to close the sale.

You can trust me… doesn’t work!

What does work is backing up everything you say with actual facts.  For example if your looking for Connecticut Reviews you’re going to want to go to a private site instead of Facebook or Google.  Those reviews can easily be manipulated.

If you click the link above you’ll be brought to The Danbury Review which is an excellent place to get a quality review.  It is a local newspaper!  Having a great review on there is an easy way to back up your reputation.

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